Redefining The Working Mom

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I wish more working moms would master the art of the unapologetic no.

-Angela Caban

Moms, cut the guilt trip...

You know exactly the guilt I am talking about.

The working mom guilt.

I am rather familiar with this guilt and am telling you right now that it just isn't worth it. I think we can all agree that being a working mom and juggling family life is never easy. But it is possible, with some bumps in the road and a few wrinkles here and there.

I hope you find my honesty a breath of fresh air and possibly learn a thing or two on how we can get closer to reaching an ideal work-life balance. If not, I at least hope it puts a smile on your face.  Here, I hope you find your balance. Redefining your role as the ideal worker and ideal mom.

You aren't alone, working mamas all over are cheering you on!  

So, take a look around the site and if you have any questions contact me, okay?

Rock on, moms!

Angela Caban

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