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Can I Do it all?

Posted by Angela Caban on February 27, 2012 at 11:00 PM

March 1st is my due date, yes that is this Thursday and I can't believe it! Actually, I can. I have been so overwhelmed by the thought of being a mother of two that I just want my little one to get here and put me to the test. I know that sounds horrible doesn't it? But besides being anxious in meeting my daughter and finally being a family of 4, I am anxious to see how I do as mother, wife, student and working woman. Will I be able to handle it all? I put too much pressure on myself, I know that and the people that know me are always telling me to relax and not stress the small things. But the small things to me are what keep me going. I am not one to sit still when I have down time. My idea of down time is watching a movie while either folding laundry, writing or working on a work project. I need to have the constant feeling of multitasking - there is no sitting still for me.  

It is hard when you are used to having everything perfect, yes I consider my home perfect as well as m ylife. I don't have a mess in my house, ask my friends and family that pop in. I find pride in that - some people sew and make things, I keep my home clean and tidy. Where is the harm in that? I have a sink free of dishes, no piles of laundry and the fear of "unexpected guests" never plagues me. Perhaps this may seem a bit OCD to you, but to me life runs smoother if things are organized and in their place, okay maybe that sounded a bit OCD. What can I say? I am a Danny Tanner!  :)

Am I insane to think that things will continue to run this smoothly as they have been for the past 8 years? Yes, but I am confident that no matter how nuts things get here in the next few months - not only is it all worth it, but it will still be perfect tome. My family and life couldn't get any sweeter than it is about to get.

So with only a few days until we meet our little angel, I sit here writing because my house is clean ,all my school work and writing is complete and I can't sit still. But that's okay because it keeps me going, wouldn't change a thing about that!




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