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Top Three Survival Tips for New Moms

Posted by Angela Caban on July 6, 2013 at 7:35 PM

Raising a baby can be overwhelming, especially if your partner is away on duty such as military service. As a new mom, you need to adjust to new schedules, demands, etc. in order to meet your baby’s needs. That being said, I have compiled a short list of tips to help new moms survive the early years of their baby.


Be prepared

If there’s one thing I’m sure about raising a baby, it’s that you never know what to expect. Instead of taking chances, it is best to be prepared all the time. For instance, “when you leave the house, make sure you are equipped with an extra change of clothes for baby, plenty of diapers and wipes, an extra towel, pacifier and a bottle of milk or formula in case she gets hungry earlier than you anticipated,” suggests.


Listen to your gut

Nobody knows your baby more than you do. Martha Sears, Katie Allison Granju, Ayun Halliday, Peggy O'Mara, and other parenting book authors may give you some good advice on how to take care of your baby, but at the end of the day, not all of those things apply to your situation—they are just there to guide you. It still boils down to your personal instincts as a mother. “If it feels wrong to let your baby cry, then pick them up. If you want to rock your baby to sleep and cuddle them while they sleep, then go ahead,” says Discovery Fit & Health. The site adds, “if it feels right, then it usually is right.”


Find time for yourself

Between feeding and making your baby fall asleep, do activities that can help you release stress afterwards. One popular example is bingo. There are a great number of moms nowadays who visit to take part in their offerings, whenever they feel stressed out from their normal parenting routines. This is not surprising given the fact that bingo is a fun game to play, plus it has many benefits to one’s well being, including stress reduction.



McGill University has conducted a study on this matter, and concluded that online games and a stress-causing hormone called cortisol are indeed correlated. Their results show that when people play bingo and similar games online, their cortisol levels drop significantly. McGill researchers concluded that this is because people are so engrossed with winning the game, it makes them forget about the stress of being a parent.

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