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Online Safety Tips for Cyber Monday

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She's Badass

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HR Payroll Systems:

Clearing up the Confusion on SHRM'S New HR Certification

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My Game Plan for a Successful School Year Working from Home

My Kind of Mother's Day


Honoring Military Spouses

Learn to Take a Break

Stay Away From Clichés – Create Your Own Motivators

Brain Injury Awareness Month: Base Camp Hope

Moving On: Military Spouse Education


Military Spouse Magazine:

I Balance Life as a Spouse of Two Uniforms 

Dual Service Spouse (March 2016 print)

Reaching the End of the 111,000 Road

So You Think You Know The National Guard (September 2015 print)

7 Paths to Employment ( April 2014 print)  

From the White House to Your House: Easy Thanksgiving Tips

Other Publications:

Veteran Journal
The Local Zip (Local Print Newspaper)
Homefront United Network
The Military Advertiser (Print)
Wives in Bloom
The Voice for National Military Family Association (Print)

Military Career Education


Published Books:

Faith Deployed…Again (National awards from the Military Writers Society of America, Branson Stars and Flags Book Awards, and the Selah Award.)

Stories Around the Table (Foreword’s Book of the Year Awards, Indiefab Finalist and Midwest Book Award Finalist.)