Redefining The Working Mom

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I am available for public speaking events, and would love to bring excitement, passion and dedication to your event. 

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National Guard 101: There are many challenges that come along with being the spouse of a National Guard service member.  I am able to speak on topics related to living off post, keeping in touch with the military community, volunteering, resources for the military family and my personal experiences on being a National Guard spouse.

Our Role in Marriage: Not one marriage is perfect and sometimes we work harder at maintaining appearances than we do fixing our relationship with our spouse. This does not only pertain to military marriage, but marriage in general. How do we get past the struggle and thrive in our busy lives? I speak from personal experience and try to help those around me find the balance in their lives and apply the effort to their relationship. I minored in Ethics with a concentration in Marriage and Families and I have also been married for 10 years.

Education and Employment: I have over 10 years of experience in the Human Resources field with my Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and my Master's in Human Resources. I have personally struggled in both employment and having no educational background. I went back to school upon my husband's deployment in 2008, and this was a motivator for me. As a military spouse, mom of 2 and full time business owner, I will be the first to say that going back to school is not easy and not fun at all. With the right resources you can do it and I can help you find the motivation to do so.

Faith: As a Christian, I lead women, military spouses and children in the adventure of faith by sharing my personal journey that God has taken me on these 30 years of my life. I am able to see all the opportunities I have been given in this life as well as the comfort during the most trying times of my life. Keeping God in your life in good times and bad - and also remembering to let go and let Him take control. You may be a wife, mother or friend, this reminder that we are not alone and God has called us to this time and this place, helps us to build a stronger relationship with Him.

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Angela Caban
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